Laura Widener

Frontier + YouTube TV

Project Snapshot:

  • Users:  Frontier customers and prospects
  • Feature:  Integrating YouTube TV service into Frontier’s product offerings.
  • Benefit:  Customers save time and money by adding YouTube TV to their Frontier bill.


The project aimed to increase sales by offering a new partnership service bundle while shaping new experiences to educate users and guide them through activation.


We needed to understand the attitudes and behaviors of prospective and current customers toward a third-party product, plus educate and convert those users. We learned most prospects needed info more compelling than cost savings to switch, while most Frontier customers were comfortable with cable and apprehensive about switching to an unfamiliar streaming product.

Our new experience also needed to meet YouTube TV/Google’s brand and legal approvals.


I focused my writing on emphasizing succinct features and benefits to educate and influence users before and after the purchase. 


The new experience contributed to 264,000+ visits and 46,000 YouTube TV activations at a rate of 68.5% across the first six months, up to a 5% increase in weekly customer visits, and a 10% increase in chat-to-order open rate.


The project highlighted the value of tested UX writing that resonates with users and drives conversions.