Laura Widener

Adeptus Health Website Redesign

Project Snapshot:

  • Users:  Adeptus prospects (hospital mangement)
  • Feature:  Expanded service offerings that are better communicated
  • Benefit:  Hospitals better serve communities with expanded health systems


Adeptus Health, then the largest developer and operator of satellite emergency departments in the U.S., restructured and needed a new website to communicate its new strategy and audience.


Without an internal content or UX team, Adeptus lacked a brand style and voice. As an external member, I had limited ownership of content, and no continued involvement for user testing and updates, or style guide creation.


Using Adeptus’s research, I brought user-focused key phrases into the new website content and highlighted the company’s proven metrics to establish brand trust and communicate value.


Although we didn’t have access to post-deployment metrics, the Adeptus team was satisfied with the results and stakeholders agreed the new design improved user experience. The project was finished well before the expected timeline and exceeded Adeptus stakeholders’ expectations.


The project underscores the importance of data to content strategy and design, both in understanding users and business, and in communicating to users.